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Lovelyn Munaonye, blind since the age of ten, teaches social studies at a special school in Umuahia, Abia state's capital city. She and her husband, Jude, a driver with the Ministry of Health, discovered that they were HIV positive in 1999. The news, though initially overwhelming, galvanized Jude into becoming the foremost HIV activist in the state. He has made helping others with the virus his life's work. Without ever having seen an anti-retroviral drug he soldiers on, encouraging healthy life choices and positive attitudes to life. He and Lovelyn face each day with equanimity: "We rest well, eat fresh food and stay away from alcohol," says Jude. "I only have these stubborn rashes from time to time, for which I take antibiotics and my wife helps me to rub dusting powder." See: http://allafrica.com/photoessay/nigeriaaids/photo4.html

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Sent via Email October 31, 2005 from Nigeria.

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