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Hope and salvation

A message of hope and salvation. My story started in Sept when my friend and I (both african american male) went to a club to get some girls to have fun. We met two white girls that night and got to know them well. The next day mine called me so she could spend the night with me. I agree and we had sex. I thought I was luckier than my friend. A month later I called her to see how she was and she called back the next day to get some money. We had sex at my place again before I gave her the money. Both encounters we unprotected because she promised she was negative 9 month ago. After the second encounter, I woke up with a stomach cramp, a stich neck, swollen gland and chest pain. I knew from there something was not right. I called her about 4 days later to ask her what was going on and she said she caught a cold from her daughter that she may have passed on to me. In fact she was reluctant to have sex with me, I pushed her to. I flew out of town a week after the encounter to visit my fiance and take care of some wedding things. We also had sex and about two weeks later my fiance was feeling lots of symptoms (muscle pain, vaginal discharge, UTI and more). I got very scared because she is the love of my life. I took a blood test 4 weeks after the encounter and the result came back but not clear enough for me to understand it; it's been about six weeks since the encounter I still got the stiff neck and losing weight now. I plan on calling the DR this week to find out for sure what my status is. It is more likely I am HIV positive. My fiance is also planning on getting herself tested. She just called the wedding off after I confessed to her. She is in total shock and agony. I feel powerless to help her. During all this tribulation period, I also gave my life to the Lord Jesus Christ. I choose to follow Him whether the result is positive or negative because He never let His children down. I believe in Him because He rose from the dead and nothing is impossible to Him. If you are not a beliver, now is your change to accept Him and devote your life to Him. He loves you so much; He died for you on the cross to wash away your sin. This is a test of my faith and I am taking this change to spread the gospel. I will post more message later and tell you about my status. I love all HIV + or - and Jesus loves you too. Never give up hope and keep your eyes fix on Jesus. Noone can get to Heaven but through Him. Love you all always.


Sent via Email October 31, 2005 from Seattle, USA.

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