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Please go get tested

I have been reading this website and all the postings for the past couple of weeks.
It all started when I had began noticing strange symptoms that looked like HIV. Back in June 05, I was visiting some friends and I began having a fever out of no where. I instantly received a high fever and became fatigued. I am normally very healthy and do not get sick often. I usually get a common cold about once every other year. The fever and fatigued lasted about two days and it was very scary. After it was over, I still was on vacation visiting friends so I didn't think too much of it. Two months later I had a bad cold but nothing out of the ordinary. Two months after the cold, I got caught out in the rain and the next day had a fever and what appeared to be hot flashes. It was very scary and unexpected. I had the sweats, chills, and confused kind of feeling. I also had headaches and was at times very dizzy. I began to freak out and check the internet for symptoms and learned about infections both viruses and bacterial infections. I went to the doctor and received extensive testing and lab work. The doctors couldn't find anything and said all the tests were normal. They suggested that I maybe I was having some hormonal irregularites/imbalance. I went to my OBGYN and she confirmed that I was having fevers not hot flashes. I self-diagnosed myself as having HIV as there was no other explanation for these symptoms: fever, tiredness, frequent colds, dizziness, headaches, and other flu-like symptoms. I have been praying and crying for over two months. I didn't tell anyone in my family as I was ashamed and embarrassed. I took the anonymous HIV test that is purchased from the local drug stores. Only the Home Access one is FDA approved and 99% accurate. I haven't been intimate in with anyone in over 6 months so I knew that I was pass the window period. I had a lady from my church pray with me, I confessed my sins to the lord, and accepted the lord into my life. I called in for my test results and founded out that I was NEGATIVE!
I'm saying all this to say....Please go get tested. Don't be like me relying on symptoms, checking websites, etc...The only way you will know is through a test. If you are scared, bring someone with you so you won't be alone. Don't drive yourself crazy like I did...Believe me, I could not afford another sleepless night...I am still feeling under the weather but at least I know my status and can somewhat move on. For those of you who are positive it is imperative that you know so you can get treatment early. Studies show that early treatment enhances your life expectancy and quality of living. If you wait too late, the disease progress by multiplying itself and it's harder to treat.
Please email me with any questions or comments....Remember, God loves you!


Sent via Email November 10, 2005 from Florida, USA.

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