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Positive parent

Life was starting to pick up after leaving my husband. I was living my life as a single parent, with a young child.
The world was in abit of turmoil with the Bali bombings just happening. My heart went out to all those who had lost loved ones.

I had for many years thought of being a blood donor, but as life can get hectic at times I forgot,untill the Bali bombings. I couldn't afford to make a monetory donation, so the next thing was to donate blood. There were many burns victims, who needed blood transfusions.
I did my duty (what I thought was my duty) as a healthy Australian and donated. A week and a half past when I received a letter in the mail. Requesting me to make an appointment with the blood bank. I thought they (blood bank people) had messed up my blood.
That wasn't the reason, I was told I was HIV positive. That very moment I thought my whole world had come to an end. I felt like I had been hit by truck at a high speed.
I went back to the clinic to confirm the results of my previous test, they were correct.
That was just over three years ago. My results are good considering everything.
I at times think "why me", I got it from an unexpected source.
I try not to dwell on it too much, I have to think positively for my six children & five grandchildren.
Positive parent


Sent via Email November 24, 2005 from Australia.

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