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Take control

Hello, I had a boyfriend who refused to get tested for std's. I am 40 years old and he is 44. One night we both drank too much and we both ended up having unprotected sex. I was really distraught about this for I didn't know if he was clean. 2 weeks later I got really sick with a fever and body aches. I missed work for almost 2 weeks. I couldn't sleep, or eat over all the anxiety with HIV. He was not supportive and didn't still care to get tested. I waited for 4 months to get tested for HIV, and it was an agonizing 2 weeks when my test results came back. I was NEGATIVE. I was so relieved. My doctor said most likely it will be negative if I tested again. My point is people, don't assume that you have HIV. You need to get tested. I thought for sure I had it cause I was so ill after my encounter with this man. Protect yourself, and take it easy with drugs and alcohol for they impair your judgement. Women especially need to take control, if a man is not willing to get tested or doesn't use a condom, he's not worth it. GOD BLESS those who are inflicted with HIV.


Sent via Email December 1, 2005 from British Columbia.

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