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It only takes one little mistake

1 month ago I was on vacations ( Puerto Vallarta Mexico ) since I was with my firends we just want to have fun, so I engage with couple girls out of night clubs.one of this times at midway of intercourse the condom broke of didn't for how longuntil I found it and changed. Since that time my life has becoming a living hellthinking that i might became +. I dont sleep, cry sometimes, varely focus on mywork neither school basically preparing for the worts. I took the test and it came negative but since it was only three weeks after I can't relly on it. It only takesone mistake all my life always been with my girlfriend for 7 years since we were kids, never cheated on her before I was going to marry her this coming year.
Now; I dont know I haven't told her and I've been trying to stay away of her. She suspect something and wants to breake with me for being so cold and I can't donothing. yuo dont know how many times I have regret this vacations. My only hope is God which I have found since then, I pray every day to god for his blessing and turn away this sickness. I dont know if i have it or not but I have noticed my armpits very itchy since then and tryied to give 1000 of expanations for it but I know that it may be it. I dont what shall I do if iam + positive only one for sure my dreams, hopes, wife and family will be gone. it only takes one little mistake. Why now that I now i might have it have all this knowledge of this pandemonium and not before. Was it one time sex worth of my live???

I hope god will hear my pray and help me and everyone on this world.
Please if u r readind this and are + do not spread this to others this is murder and if you know u have it you are killing human beings destroying all theirlifes. If you are healthy does crazy sex is worth your life???
Dear God have mercy of all of us!!!!!


Sent via Email January 1, 2006, from USA.

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