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HIV exposure case

You can do a google search and find this article below. I was one of the people who came in contact with this person. I did not know he was married, lucky for me he had a wife who called me to inform me of his HIV status. She didn't have any intention like I thought of saving anyone elses life, she thought because he was HIV positive that he would remain faithful to her in the process of him leaving her, he was seeing other people. So ladies don't think that if a man infects you, he will stay with you.

Man charged in HIV exposure case

San Francisco Chronicle - Saturday, October 18, 2003
Charlie Goodyear, Chronicle Staff Writer
A Pittsburg man was arraigned Friday on five misdemeanor counts of knowingly exposing four women - including his deceased former wife and his current spouse - to the HIV virus, authorities said.

Police arrested 39-year-old Remond Frederick at his home on Thursday afternoon after receiving a complaint in August from one of the women.

During their investigation, police discovered that Frederick had married twice and conducted extramarital affairs while aware of his HIV status, according to Pittsburg police Inspector John Conaty.

"Essentially, it strikes me as someone with a weak constitution," Conaty said. "He doesn't want to tell them. He's afraid he'll lose potential romantic partners."

Police did not identify by name any of the women allegedly involved in the complicated case. Conaty said Frederick's second wife has contracted AIDS from her exposure to him. The two women with whom he allegedly had affairs have not tested positive for HIV so far.

Investigators traced Frederick's sexual history back to 1996, when he began an affair that lasted for about a year until his wife called the woman to tell her he was married.

Two years later, Frederick saw the woman during a chance encounter and told her that his wife had died of pneumonia. The two resumed their affair.

In May 2000, Frederick tested positive for HIV, but, according to police, did not tell his girlfriend. In the meantime, she had become suspicious about how his wife had died. She obtained the death certificate and discovered that the cause of death was AIDS-related pneumonia.

When the girlfriend confronted Frederick, he confessed to being HIV- positive, according to Conaty. But the couple continued to date, and they married in October 2001 .

But even while married to a woman who knew and accepted hi............

~ story was cut off at this line, will try and get rest.
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