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i cannot hide my prejudice, i hate the virus. i hate it even more now that it's within me...

even before public prejudice begins, we give birth to our own prejudice of self. it seems our own sense of selves is challenged, our fears realized, knowing in a few years time lies a slow, painful death. i didn't dream of this. neither did any of you who are infected. we dreamt of a charmed life, a life that's bound to face suffering and yet somehow still have a happy ending. not one that progresses in pain and prejudice, and expires with even worse of the same.

sometimes we fantasize that the cure is somewhere around the corner, and yet reality knocks us right back to the world... and we feel the reality of pain. much of it, emotional and spiritual rather than the physical. someway, somehow, in ways i have never imagined, i feel connected to several million people around the globe who are infected -- a shared tribulation that unites us in pain and at the same time a renewed experience of life that only we will know...



Sent via Email february 1, 2006, from Philippines.

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