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The best medicine

First off thank you to whomever sponsors this site. It is great past times when you are stressed out about possibilities or facts. I've known about HIV symptoms for a while since a condom broke with an ex 6yrs ago. I got tested in 99 and was negative. I always worry when my body goes through the slightest changes. I'm actually more attracted to women (since i was 14). So I date women. Anyway i went for an annual exam at a county clinic who has on file that i date women. When I have a girlfriend i'm very particular and have only one partner who gets tested regularly. I'm paranoid that the nurse may not have liked gays so she told the phlebotomist to use a dirty needle on me since they were doing STD testing that day as well. I noticed one needle out of place in the box. the one she picked up to use. That test came back negative. But since, I've had a cold that lasted a week, 1 week after the needed was inserted in my vain. Then 2 weeks later got another cold that lasted abt 4 weeks with a lot of mucus and a cough & head pressure but not a headache and ears clogging when i eat. My glands seems to be swollen on and off and my gums have been swollen for 2 weeks. I've had slight fatigue/& unmotivated. Me of all people who've dealt w/the scare more than once should know to calm down but the mind is very powerful. I went back to the clinic w/ this story the nurse said "Nobody hear would want to hurt you baby, we want the best here. I've had the same cold for 6 weeks she added." She calmed me for a week but i still feel weird. There is a ball feeling in the side of my throat. Well we all know abt the 3 month window(or should know) so i'm at 2mths exactly today. Trying to hang in there. Onto the next thing I'm worried about a close friend who's had unprotected sex w/ a guy with 3 baby momma's & he does coke/no job. We both went to and graduated college together. This incident happened when she was drinking with him bout 1 & 1/2 yrs ago. I realized suttle differences and worried, then didn't worry for a while but now she has gained weight and has headaches a lot and is sleepy very early. She had sex with another male unprotected after that guy and she never told him abt the othr to protect his feelings. Now they've split due to long distance & him dating other girls w/out telling her. I really love her and have prayed a lot. She's so quiet. She is my bestfriend. I don't know how to demand she get tested. I've hinted and questioned her actions but her reason for not going, i believe, is that doc's can't find her vains and last time bout 6 yrs ago when she got tested they had to use a vain in her hand. What do you think about my symptoms?....NO MATTER WHAT I WILL BE OKAY AND SO WILL THE REST OF YOU. LIVE HAPPILY!! KEEP SMILING AND LAUGHING. IT'S THE BEST MEDICINE. :)

Hey Guys It's Me again from the last long story.

I provided an email to respond and I want to give support by saying:
If you are not sure of something don't spend time worrying. If you can go get tested for several things. The body goes through many differences depending on many things. I know from personal experience. Things like drugs, lack of sleep, anxiety from worry and excessive drinking can cause you immune system to act up. No matter what ones body is enduring all those can have negative effects just as all these can have positive effects: Take Vitamin-C, get rest, and Don't worry!!...Be Happy!!!


Sent via Email February 2, 2006, from South East region, USA.

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