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Do not worry

Hi all. Guys, don't worry too much about being HIV positive. We all gotta die someday, so this is really inevitable.

So just take things one step at a time, one day at a time. if you are positive, all you can really do is get down on your knees and pray. I don't know about me, but it does do wonders for other people. and they find hapiness in god. they can find peace in god. all their pain and troubles are taken away through god. all of their suffering is gone. all the bitterness they have towards another person (for whatever reason) and all the pain of being hated by someone you love is taken away. i highly recommend you to at least have a look for 1 micro second the following link (i went to the trouble of putting it here for your benefit so the least you could do is click on it, even though you might not actually read it: http://mindprod.com/kjv/Matthew/2.html )


I think living is overrated. you really are not missing out on all that much. what are you really missing out on? an extra 30 years of your life? what were you going to do with those extra 30 years anyway? seriously? so take it on the chin. but the real tradgedy of dying is that you don't get to see the people you love anymore. but there's not much you can do about this problem if you are dying, so there is no point WORRYING. there is no point asking lame questions like: will my son be able to afford uni, will he amount to something in life, and then WORRYING. just chill. don't worry about such things. at worst, your son will end up in prison for drugs or be unemployed, and really, that isn't all that bad a life. at least he'll have a life. at least he'll be alive. and this is probably the absolute worst thing that can happen. maybe he might end up being a criminal, but he'll still be your son and im sure you'll love him either way. so don't worry about your children when you're gone, i tell you.

most importantly i want to let you know that you should all be strong. do not be afraid, because there is nothing so bad as being afraid. so please please please don't worry. don't anguish. don't pine. don't worry about people finding out you're not a virgin (it's not a big crime AT ALL. so don't worry about your mother or father finding out. the whole point of being a virgin is that it makes life a little easier when you get married, because you won't have already been in a physical relationship with someone else, and you can devote all your love to your husband/wife first-off. of course, this is VERY possible even if you are not a virgin so losing your virginity before marriage is not a crime at all, it just makes things a weeny bit harder with regard to the relationship you will bear with your spouse). So don't worry about not being a virgin. So don't worry about being positive or don't worry about anything. There is nothing worse than the uncertainty some of you are going through right now. it is the most terrible thing in the world, and I don't want ANYONE to sit there pining and worrying whether they will be positive or negative. whatever happens, happens. you could have died in a car/train/plane crash for all you know. if it helps you, there are thousands out there in a similar situation. So don't pine. get out of the house and do somethign active. don't waste your life.


the most important thing is: (1) do NOT worry, (2) be happy, and (3) do not waste the limited hourse of your life. i really hopes this helps SOMEONE, at least one person.

My brothers and sisters, with love and best wishes




Sent via Email February 16, 2006, from Melbourne, Australia.

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