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About a year or so ago, I engaged in unprotected sex with an old boyfriend of mine.

We were together when I was 16 andh e was 17, and one night about a year ago (i'm now 20) we were both really drunk and had drunken unprotected sex.

It was the most shameful thing i'd ever did and also too coz i knew he had been around heaps with different girls. well anyway we did it in his caravan and then ext day i didnt really worry aobut any STDs or pregnancy, i was so naive to think it could not happen to me.

But then later that night something came over me and i began to worry like hell, what if i had got something or what if i was pregnant. my first intial tought was pregnancy, not Aids or any other diseases. But then for some reason, I began to think of HIV/Aids. I barely knew anything about the disease, all I knew was that with Aids you got really really sick and died virtually straight away. this showed how much I knew. Well i started to obsess and worry that i might of had it, and worried who had my ex slept with since me. he was well known for getting pissed all the time and picking up a string of girls.

So with that thought in my mind, i thought shit I had better go and get tested. i went to the doctor and told her the situation and then just broke down in tears in the surgery. she ordered a PAP test straight away to test me not just for HIV but for any other STD's.


For the next week I worried sick. but then the results came back, and everything was negative. i was so thankful until my doctor said there is the 'window' period with HIV and that it can take up to 3 months for the virus to be detected,

3 months passed in a blur, i worried and fret constantly. i tell you it was horrible and wouldn't wish it upon my worst enimey! it was in my mind, day and night.

After 3 months passed I booked into have another test, it was a bit over 3 months.
Again they came back negative.

I was so so so so so thankful and relieved, and happy that I had come through this and that all was okay.

So everyone, PLEASE be careful. it has really made me open up my eyes and realise and I am a lot more older and wiser now. i would never, EVER do what I did again.

I'm one of the lucky ones


Sent via Email February 19, 2006, from Australia.

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