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Fear is worse than Aids


I keep reading the stories... I decided to share mine.

The fear is the biggest master. He can change your life. I was scared for more than four years. A few months after the suspicious contact, I had a flu-like illness, with feaver, with muscle-pain. Additionally, I had a supspicios something on my penis, it seemed to be genital herpes, but I am not sure.

I got married, and. I started thinking of the possibility of being HIV+ a few months after the suspicious flu. But you knowበit can not be‰áetcá
I kept thinking, I might be HIV+.
Until this week.
The last two months were hell for me. 25 hours daily, I was thinking of being positive. Nothing else. I started to Ämolest‰ some close friends, to convince me I am negative. I have very good friends, they were beside me. Now I know ALL about the illness, like most of you, who are reading these articles and looking up for Äsymptoms‰ ÄFirst signs of HIV infection‰ etc, usually in google.com

I could not handle anymore and I went to test.
I was shaking. I could not believe that those two hours of a stupid night would ruin lifes. HEALTHY LIFES.

The test was ready in three hours. The result was negative.

All I can suggestáif you have any doubtáif you have fear... go and GET CHECKED. As much you postpone, more HIPOCHONDRIAC you are. Nobody can promise you you are negative. But reading the stories, I see most of the cases come our negative. You are worried of the situation, not of the illness. You can not be worried of the illness, unless you have it. And you don‚t know if you have it until you get checked.

I am sure, the fear you have is worse than being positive. When you are positive, you need a few weeks to recover. After that you accept. Read the stories, and learn. But the fear you have for weeks, months and years IS worse. You are not sure. You are not sure if you have to change your life after the test or not. What will you live of? What kind of job you would find? I miss very much a fundation that gives oportunity to work and to earn for people who are HIV+. Or if there is one, I apologize.


Go and get tested. This is the only way to know.

This is the only way to turn your life from hell to heaven. If you are negative, it is a relieve. If you are positive, it will be as well, because you are not in fear anymore.



Sent via Email March 10, 2006 from Europe.

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