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No day but today

Hey To all of you out there in internet world..

I have read most of the stories on this site and i feel sorry for each and every one of you. My cousin and i are both 18 and started using heroin about 18 months ago along with his girlfriend. About 9 months ago he started to get really sick so he went to a doctor to get some tests done..one was a HIV test, two weeks later he got the results back saying that he was positive. When he went to tell his girlfriend it turned out that she had had a test done about a week prior to my cousin and hers had come back positive to... 5 months ago she commited suicide not being able to deal with the finallity of the disease..My cousin after the whole ordeal got checked into rehab and has been clean for the past 4 months, and has been accepted to university where he is studying law. He has woken up and is living each day as it comes...I'm so proud of him for living and everyone who battles this disease on a daily basis...


I reccomend to go see Rent, i went and saw it the other day and while it is sad in some places it deals with alot of wat we all are going thorugh each day..be it living with HIV or being a freind or a family member...



Sent via Email March 12, 2006 from Australia.

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