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Being positive isn't the end

Hi.. I'm Martín.. my story is just another like many of others.. going clubbing, taking drugs.. getting hornier with those.. having fun.. going to saunas, going to sex parties..... HOW NICE YOUR LIFE IS!! many people said to me... what else i could ask for?? enough money for my expenses.. people finding me attractive.... i did test myself once when i start doind a promiscous life.. then some part of me was really afraid to go test again.. even i always felt good, couldn't remember any effect like fever o anything and if i did propbably was on a coming down and didn't pay more attention.. after 5 year from the time i had the test(jan2003) i became a positive... my world didn't go down then.. eventually i start feeling unhappy.. stopped what i was doing (and i found that i had mayor problems to solve.my little addiction to drugs)... at the same time another friends who where pòsitive started with medication they gor reinfected... i'm lucky i didn't... currently still with very good inmune sistem (900) and very low cd4 count (500) the point of telling u my story is for many of you to listen this: being positive is not the end, there's life after become positive, take care of yourself, love yourself is not too late and u can live for long.. get protected:start using condoms.. my best wishes for all of u!

Sent via Email March 14, 2006 from Spain.

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