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I have read a lot stories about who have HIV/Aids or suspect about HIV/Aids.
I feel sorry about all this and thanks for all of them who have told us about their own story or their family‚s story.
Im woman in my age about 30-40 and have unhappy marriage, my husband never respect me or give me a little honour to me, so I feel that im a unusefull woman who never can satisfy her own husband, and I also feel so bad and ugly and all this make mehave no independent for my ownself. So when I met someone who are 10 years younger than me and I don‚t know even untill now of he is truly love me or just take advantage from me to have sex with me. Unfortunely I felt so happy with me for several months, he was kind for me and serve me not only about sex but all about my daily live and if I was angry with him and want to broke off our relationship he always cry and he was so sad and I could look in his eyes that he not lie to me. He never force me in sex if im tired and didn‚t want it he wont never force me to do that. We just lie together and hold hands but I felt so safety and peace with him.

This happened for several months before my husband knew it, I just wondering why my real husband never protected me as him. I m really knew that im wrong and I have not should do that but exactly I felt happy for that months and never forgot the days I have spent with him and all that time I have make sex unprotected sex.

It happened 1 year ago and untill now I have no problem or any indication of HIV and I hope it would never happened with me, not because for me self, just for my kids who are near adult and maybe in these years they are getting marry and how should their bf will think if his mother in law have HIVor Aids. I hope God hear my pray and for all people who read this story please be carefull when you are in the sitution the same with me. Maybe better you get divorce from your husband if anything cannot change your marriage life. I hope so and last but not least if anyone want to give me advice about my marriage life, I just alive now for my kids and wait for their garduated and their marriage, but after that I would too old to have a new life and too late to have a new life. Okay I will wait untill my kids do not need me anymore again. One thing I want to say after I did that affair my life was change and I have seen things around me difference not as before. I felt dirty because I have been unloyal unless I felt happy at that months and I realize that my husband NEVER love me. HE JUST USE ME.


Sent via Email March 15, 2006 from Indonesia.

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