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You are HIV negative

My name is Nina and i'm 20 yrs old i lost my virginity when i turned 18 it was an horrible process i hated it but i was down wit it all cuz it was wit my first love (Jorge) i believed in him loved him wit all my heart and soul he assure me that it was normal to feel pain and uncomfortable at first we kept havin sex even after i found out he was a dog some unprotected but not often but it only take one time to get infected HIV never crossed my mind even knowing that it was a serious disease which took my father's life but i had too much of the cheatin feelin second so i decided it was over. Six months later i met the love of my life from my job he was nice young man who also just got out of an awful relationship so we started kickin it not too late i found out our relationship was just a sex thing cuz we never did anythin else in between again some protected most unprotected includin oral we fell apart cuz he get travelin back and forth because of his jobs at that time i was dealin wit some family issues and i needed mad support he wasn't given me any so i met another boy who has a talent to make girls fall in love wit him but he was a dog but despise me not knowin all his past and how he dogged females slept around wit anything that walks and has a vigana i felt bad cheatin so i stopped the relationship but me and my boyfriend still couldn't get all the pieces back together and give me the support and loving that i was craving for i never told him i cheated on him i let God knows how sorry and stupid i feel to do such thing but me and my boyfriend and i end up seperatin and i met a new guy his a lot older than me and he was so wise led me in the right directions it wasn't until some1 spread a rumor that i might be infected that i started to worry bout what if and i started freakin out searchin in the internet bout the symptoms i was always a healthy girl but i would have a flu every now and then and it would last for a long time on me and dat will freak me out to the point i start to think of all the foolish shit that i done and i started to pray to God to give me one more chance i wish i was smarter use condoms but i was stupid not thinkin bout my safety but pleasure i decided to get tested but i couldn't make myself get up to do so me and that guy broke up cuz i went back wit my ex his better than ever and to think that i can have that deadly virus so i started to stress out what if i get him sick things got worst when i found out i was pregnant and the doctor asked me to take an HIV test whether i like it or not i had to but i was buggin too much i made my self took one b4 my doctor sent me to the process of waitin i had lost my baby cuz i got into a fight wit some girls at the club but the time had came to get my test results i remember me walkin in askin God to please hold my hand be my strenght and he sent his son Jesus to watch over me and i got relax when i heard these words YOU ARE HIV NEGATIVE!!!!!!!!!!! i immedialtly Thank GOD i love him cuz his real it was the best day of my life remember sex ain't worth it protect urself ya on the real see they say what u don't know can't hurt u but what u don't know can KILL YOU SO GET TESTED KNOW U HAVE THE RIGHT TO GET TESTED PLEASE to all my negative people stay safe to my positive people God BLess u HE LOVES U NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sent via Email March 20, 2006 from USA.

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