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Risky acts

Hi all,
I have involved myself with risky acts, sexual, for a number of years now! And each time i have a HIV test, i worry the crap out of myself and swear i will never have unprotected sex again! I get the result back and it has always been negative!
So the reason this time that i have for the first time visited this site is because i am now pregnant, 5 months, with my 3rd child, have been with my partner for 4 years, and im 24 years old. We broke up for 6 months and i decided i needed to get some action,so in a drunken state, i picked up a friends younger cousin and started sleeping with him for a month, all unprotected! My thoughts were he was too young to have anything and i would be ok, i just worried about getting pregnant! This guy was and still is a drug user but to my knowledge it was only dope, ecstacy and speed but he only drank it or snorted, he said he didnt like needles!And i believed him and there was no needle marks on his arms that i could ever see. Anyway my partner and i got back together and i fell pregnant a month later. I had all my blood tests and they came up neg.
Over the weekend a friend told me that this guy i had been sleeping with was cought shooting up, and i shit myself straight away thinking what if that last test hadnt detected it and i have got it and passed it on to my unborn baby and my other 2 kids and partner. I felt soooooo friggen sick i just didnt know what to think. But the best thing to do is to find out, so i went and got a test the next morning!

Today is the 3rd day from when i got tested. I took my 3 year old to get the results, and to my relief and sanity i was NEG., once again, and sure this time because its been nearly six months since i had slept with him!
The thing it you dont know what you have until it is nearly taken all away from you!!
My partner and i are getting married in a month and a bit, so i hope i will never have to worry about it ever again.
Everyone needs to practise what Madonna used to sing in one of her songs " hey boys dont be silly put a condom on your willy"!!


Sent via Email April 3, 2006 from Australia.

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