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Self destructive

I have two messages I want to give. At the age of sixteen I became a victim to molestation. Some might think wow that's a not very common someone that age getting molested. But it's what happened. After this part of my life... I became very promiscuous. I slept with three different guys that I didn't know. And did not use a condom each unprotected sex. I never got the needed and necessary help I should've gotten from what the sexual predator did to me. Many girls don't. Now a woman I still have not but I NEEED to. I led a very risky life... and every time I put myself in those comprising situations inside I wanted to get out of them but felt I was already there... just let it happen. Please girls, women do not let a rape... or being molested take your life. Do not make the same poor choices I did - you leave yourself at risk to contract STDS and AIDS and more mental damage. And although at that time you may not even care because you're going through so much. But I'm here to tell you life goes on... you have to keep living. And you don't want to carry a disease along with you. Get help if you are a victim of sexual abuse. I don't know why I wanted to reenact that painful experience by being promiscuous. But you can get help before you make those choices, those mistakes. Please don't be like I was. Self-destructive... don't finish their dirty job in destroying you.


Sent via Email April 25, 2006 from USA.

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