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Blinded by love

its pretty scary, how you think u love someone and you think they love you the same way, but they just don't, its just another way for them to get some. I had been with this guy for a while but didnt know him long before we started to date. My mom hooked us up, i didnt like him at first but when i fount out he had a truck, i thought man..of all the places we could go, but it was later when i fount out i was older then him. that was okay, i didnt mind. We started getting closer and closer and he told me he loved me and i thought i loved him. One day were at my house just hanging around and we started kissing and one thing lead to another and we had unprotected sex, i didnt even care or think about what could happen to me, we had sex plenty of times(unprotected). I thought i was so in love with him and i didnt care if he used a condom or not, i just didnt care. Things were going good, one day my mom came home and told me that Paul(not his real name) was cheating on me with a girl from work... i got so upset with her, and told her whatever to mind her own. Later on i started noticing that he wasnt acting the same, he started changing and acting funny. One day i missied counted my period and i tought i was pregant so my mom took me to the clinic, i thought everything was funny untill i fount out he gave me an std. i thought to myself nope he wouldn't do this to me it can't be, maybe i got it from someone else but not him he told me he loved me.. why, i was so tied up in him, i didnt even care dat i had the std.. i thought it was funny. my mom was crying it affected her more then me. Thank God the std was cureablie. Even thought i do not have Hiv/aids... an std effects you in the same way just that some of them are cureable. My message is wrap it up be safe, no one is worth more then yourlife. When he says he loves you still wrap it up.. Always use protection because you never know what your other half is doing don't be blined by love, be smart


Sent via Email May 16, 2006 from South Carolina, USA.

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