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Fighting HIV/AIDS is not a medical battle but for us all


VOICE from Uganda Wabigalo Community A Story of Grassroot struggle with HIV/AIDS



I am a 14 year old Girl living in Wabigalo, a suburb of Kampala Uganda. My mother used to work in a local bar and she would sexually be used by men in this bar for money, I was born at home and not in the Hospital my mother died due to lack of medical care and financial suport without showing me who my father was but l'm in good hands of my grandmother. I rest although I am always sickly. A local organization here held a seminar for the community teaching about HIV/Aids and they also encouraged people to come to voluntary counseling and testing (VCT). I went and tested only to discover that Iam HIV+ .I am now on Herbal care medicine as a measure to boosted my Immunity since we have a lot of herbs in Uganda i.e. Moringa, Alovera etc and my Grandmother can not afford expensive ARVs. I am determined to survive as I am in Church with God on my side I will win.

AMINA: share with you all
I am a married woman of 26 years and my husband is 48 years and I only got married to save the life of my father who was down with sickness but the family had no money, so my family decided that I should get married so dowry may be paid to take my father to the Hospital. Yes I was given out and lost my education and the ambition of being a Teacher was ruined, my father died after 4 years and I began to fall sick. I conceived and stated my anti natal care the nurses advised me to enter a program PMTCT and VCT. I gave in my blood for testing it was discovered that Iam HIV+ when I went home my husband was angry I was beaten and bruised the villagers told me that my husband had lost 3 wives before marrying me. I am alone now with hope of giving birth to a healthy child with the PMTCT program, I will die but my child will survive.

I am 70 year looking after 7 orphans in Wabigalo all my sons and daughters lost there lives to HIV/Aids and I was left with the children. I am not working and dwell on a small piece of land in a grass thatched house. My only way of survival is my grandson who introduced us to a team from Wabigalo community HIV/Aids Initiative a local organization helping people and orphaned of HIV/Aids they give us food, medical care and counseling.

My family has benefited in form of clothes, shoes, Teddy bears, money and soft toys from Australia through Project Africa and so are many people in this Community, we have hope now. My children are back to school through Wabigalo community HIV/Aids initiative sponsorship.

I am Omondi Abedi the founder and the secretary of Wabigalo HIV/Aids Led Initiative our objectives are to;

1. To create an information desk in our community to disseminate accurate and relevant health information to the community people through available means to us.

2. To support and care for the orphans in terms of material, medical, spiritual and educational needs.

3. To sensitize to the community and advocate for the rights of those living and affecting by HIV/Aids against stigma and discrimination.

We use drama and songs and video shows for behavior change among young people and also computer training to mobilize the community in a central place then trained personnel sensitize our people about HIV/Aids, TB, Malaria and other epidemics


The Church of Uganda, KCC and Local Leadership are our local partners in this struggle, Project Africa a local Organization in Australia, help our people in form of humanitarian assistance. Our community school Peniel College received computers,Chairs,Desks, scholastic materials, Sports uniforms and the orphans have been clothed and rehabilited pyclogically by the magical teddy bears. As a result schools in Uganda and the Government ministry of Healthy have benefited though Training of our nurses in Australia and donation of Medical gears to the Government Hospitals. Abedi was also trained by PPI an Australian company he is helping young people here start small Businesses for employment.

Bulenga,City View,Coronation,Beupa and Bethel Emma Primary Schools also benefited, St Jude Church, Wabigalo Anglican Church, Miracle Centre Church all benefited in terms of Chairs, Pianos and Computers. The whole community gathered and orphans and the elderly people caring for orphans received clothes, shoes, household utensils and many more Humanitarian Items.


We have also established a Community Library where young people can read and learn from and this will prepare them to be better and informed citizens of Uganda, these books and scholastic materials all come from Project Africa and help from the Australian people be Blessed.


The War torn northern part of Uganda Gulu also benefited in terms clothing war orphans, aiding schools with computers and rehabilitating children affected by the war with teddy bears. We thank Project Africa for helping our people find hope and discover the love of God for His people.


We appreciate the strength and the courage exhibited by our community in the fight against HIV/Aids without ARVs but with herbal medicine and we sowed the seed of defeating the Virus at the community level and then God sent helpers through Project Africa and Kampala City Council we are determined to grow taller than the Virus until we win or the Virus loss.

For God and Our Country

Wise saying "The reason why astonomous cooperate so well is that you can not stand in one place and view the whole sky". Can we borrow this saying in the fight against HIV/AIDS together we must win or AIDS Lose.
check wesite www.projectafrica.net


Omondi Abedi the founder and the secretary of Wabigalo HIV/Aids Led Initiative
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Sent via Email May 19, 2006 from Uganda.

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