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Be blessed

I just wanted to send this message in efforts to share my testimony. This is for all of the people who are in need of a miracle. Today is 5-24-06. For the past two years, I have been engaging in wreckless, unprotected sex. Although I did use condoms majority of the time, there were countless times that I did not use protection during this time. Throughout this time, I began to experience signs and symptoms of low grade fever, nightsweats, chills, swollen glands in my neck, and changes in my stool. As much as I tried to attribute these changes within my body to something else, I knew that there was a very strong possibility that it could be HIV due to the lifestyle that I was living. However, due to fear and shame, I would not go and get tested. You see, I was one of the people who believed that I ws better off now knowing than I was if I knew that I had HIV. So, I continued to have experiences where I would not utilize a condom during sex. Well, approximately two days ago, a good friend of mines expressed to me that he had become HIV positive, and had contracted the disease from his lover of quite some time. I was devastated. Not only for my friend, but for myself. All of the times that I had unprotected sex began to flash in my mind, as well as all of the signs and symptoms that my body was telling me something was not right. I was so disturbed that I could not sleep that whole night. The next day, which was Sunday, I went to church. I truly believe that this was God's will for me to be in that particular service on that day. You see, I went to a very prominent, internationally known church, but the pastor was absent on vacation that Sunday. A guest minister preached, and he talked about how Jesus healed a woman with an issue of blood and how Jesus raised a girl from the dead. I began to step out on faith at that instant and say, "If Jesus could do it for them, then I know he can surely do it for me today." After leaving that service full of joy, hope and inspiration, I went back home, and for the rest of the day, I began to intercede for myself. I prayed to God for a healing over my body, for restoration, forgiveness of my sins, and to be made whole. I began to lay hands over my body and speak healing from HIV and sickness. I promised God that I would tell of his goodness, mercy and healing power so that others may know and believe. On the next day, Monday, 5-22-06 to be exact, I went by the strength of God to an HIV clinic to get tested. After completing the test, I went out to my car and waited for approximately an hour and a half to retrieve my results. I began to cry and pray, asking God for grace, mercy and a healing through his darling son Jesus' name. After some time, I could feel God taking me by the hand back into the clinic to receive my results. My heart was racing. My legs were moving and I could not understand how, but I continued to let Him lead me on. The HIV counselor called me into his office and sat me down. I stand here right now as a living testimony that the HIV counselor told me that my HIV test came back negative. HEALED! DELIVERED! My life has truly changed for the better. I have a brand new start and a brand new attitude about life. If you are going through what I went through, I encourage you to pray to God for peace and for healing, for I am a living witness that he can deliver you from HIV. Also, if you are living with HIV, you must ONLY BELIEVE in JESUS. Jesus can heal you just like he healed those people over 2000 years ago. Try Jesus, he is the perfect answer, for what God has for you is for you. BE BLESSED!!!


Sent via Email May 25, 2006 from Louisiana, USA.

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