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Never give up

I am male, 23 years of age this year. My story began with a sore throat. It wasn't much of a sore throat, more like a slight irritation which was followed by a runny nose. Months earlier my ex-girlfriend and I had broken up and I was forced to postpone my overseas studies and return home. Upon returning home I reconciled with my previous ex and we re-started our relationship. All was going well until the day of my 'slight flu'. I had had unprotected sex with my ex overseas but I didn't think there was any reason to fret as she had undergone periodical HIV testing in her country before she went overseas.

I was convinced I had AIDs when the flu wouldn't go away after a week. I decided to see the doctor who pescribed my some medicine. After taking the meds I developed diarrhoea and a slight back pain. You could imagine my fear when I read about the symptoms online. I went back to my doctor and told him I wanted a blood test. He obliged unquestioningly, for which I thanked him. Since it was a Sunday, I could only get my test results back on Tuesday. Two days passed with me maybe sleeping a total of 4 hours.


I was extremely anxious on Tuesday. I called up the clinic before they even received the results and they called back around a half hour later telling me they had them. I sat outside the doctor's office pleading with the Gods to make things alright. When it was my turn the doctor had a smile on his face and showed my the results. 'Non-reactive' said the slip of paper. I breathed a huge sigh of relief. My advice to anyone who is reading this, and hasn't been tested, GO GET TESTED! You could have a few of the symptoms but that doesn't mean you have this virus. My prayers go out to millions who have it and the scientists who are looking for a cure, or whom have found it but are running up against resistance from pharmaceutical companies. Never give up! Never surrender!


Sent via Email May 25, 2006 from Singapore.

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