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Put your mind at ease

hello everyone, for several years I've battled with my mind about having hiv/aids. I've live a life basically looking for love and once you are in a relationship and get compfortable with a person, you eventually stop using protection and have done that on several occasions. I got married in 04 and share this with my husband and he encouraged me to get tested, but I was scared shitless and never did. The mind is powerful, everytime my body developed a pimple, a sore that I couldn't remember how I got it, would send me in panic mode, bascially, my mind was creating these symptoms, I was very depressed, I slept alot, cried myself to sleep on some nights, and I didn't want to do anything outside of the home. All I did was work and while at work all I thought about was having hiv. I kept this from my family and friends and to this day they don't know. I left my husband in 05 and my divorce will be final in June 06. I have not had sex since leaving my husband and at this point I don't plan to. I'm currently seeing this wonderful and supporting man that I have not slept with. He knows my story and told me no matter what the outcome is, he'll be there for me and support me through it all and encouraged me to get tested. On May 18, 2006, I got tested. That night I got on my knees and prayed like I've never prayed before and asked the Lord to have mercy on my soul. People, my prayers had been answered. My results were NEGATIVE. I will never put myself in that situation again. I hope that this story will help someone who has not been tested go and have the test done. Don't let your mind send you on a trip of no return. Put your mind at ease by knowing and taking the neccessary steps, whatever the outcome may be. God bless you all. For the ones who are negative, stay that way, for those who are positive, have faith and keep praying. Thank you all.


Sent via Email May 28, 2006 from Baltimore, USA.

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