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You are not alone

I am so grateful that you have a site where people can express themselves. I am 40 years old and expecting my first child..I am also in the process of adopting a child--I did not plan to get pregnant. My husband is overjoyed. I looked at the list of tests I would have to take as an expectant mother..I was in fear when I saw hiv. This has been stressing me out .I have never been tested. I have only been with my husband for the last decade or so but, I was not a virgin. I did not think I had the virus but you do not know until you are tested. I did not sleep last night .I have been going through the motions of life. Today I put an end to my fears for the sake of my unborn child and ultimately for myself. The thoughts that ran through my mind..Will I lose my husband..my child my prospective adopted child. My wonderful friend and I went to a local clinic and got tested today..thank God we were both negative...Do not live in fear of what you do not know. If you test positive there are so many things that you can do to sustain your life. If that test would have been positive, I would have been right here looking for support. We are not alone you are not alone. Many people sympathize with what you are going through. God Bless to all who read. My prayers go out to all!


Sent via Email June 15, 2006.
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