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A different story

My story is rather very different in that when i joined my wife from another country ravaged by the hiv and aids i had always lived in fear of what i could get and so happened that when i came to the the uk and tried for my first baby only then did the shock really set in my wife was diagnosed as positive. And i could not believe how that happened. having undergone the worst initial settling with my wife thigs were not made any easier. immediately i was blamed for the whole thing and i really began doubting myself even though i knew i was responsible.

i finally took the test and after an agonizing wait it came out negative. so far i have been trying to cope with the whole thing sometime it is not easy and my heart always skips when i think of the baby we now have. So far there is hope for her she is six months so far still negative.


Sent via Email June 15, 2006 from UK.

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