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Awaiting results

I came across this site during my educative surfing about HIV just like all of you, as it seems after reading all the posts.

I am awaiting upon my results next monday, a week's wait... The longest damn week in my entire life. I just can't say anything until i have found out but I'll give you this web site which has greatly helped me into making my decision in getting tested. It speaks mathematics and possibilities!!!



Fingers crossed guys and i'm all along with you all on this boat.

Anxiety is our killer and i will never forget this week:((( ... i'm living a nightmare!!! I can't see any future, only the past. My life has been put on pause for a week!!! But after reading and reading and reading... i came across this web site which gathers a lot of information from other webs and i found repated articles that i had come across which are looked upon scientifically and bit religiously may be .... soooo... whatever u believe in ... it will tell you in this and i hope it will help you .... cause it made me take the step and till then... i'm readin everyday, i know it all by heart!!!

I will come back here on monday night and i'll share my fear with you people. It's my second mistake!!! I am 26...i lived this anxiety phobia when i was 19 (had unprotected sex at 16) n fell into a depression unti 22 and then got over it cause i survived obviously.... but this phobia just hit me again last week and this time i ain't letting it drown me like it when i was 19!!!!

I hope for the best!!! ... n i believe in destiny!! I'll keep talking to myself for another 5days and live this hell of a life where i am realising for the second time that life is so wonderful... It's a pity how we're killing ourselves all around the world with those wars, terror and so on!!!

Cheers guys and i wish you & myself all the best


Sent via Email June 20, 2006 from Australia.

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