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Sexually active

My best friend and cousin Chelsey is very sexually active. She has slept with 4 guys in one night before and she has had unpretected sex alot. She has been with a lot of guys and yet she refuses to get tested. She has been told by many of her friends but still she refuses, her parents dont know what she's been doing, and if they had to find out by hearing that she had HIV or any other type of STD they would be crushed, so would the rest of our family, like my grandpa who is very old fashioned. I care about chelsey alot and i am very worried about her i don't think she even worries about those kinds of things either, she thinks shes invinsible when it comes to stuff like that. Most of her partners were all one night stands, who she knew nothing about. Chelsey already does drugs and i think that if she found out that she had some STD she would do them even more. She hasnt had sex for awhile because i told her that she is goin to end up pregnant or with an STD, but she still wont get tested she thinks that becuase she's no have sex she wont get anything but i tried explaining to her that if she already has an STD not have sex wont really stop anything. She has also just started seeing this guy Jason who she really likes, but what if she does have something... I mean her and Jason havent done anything yet but i know it wont be long until they do and what if she gives something to him, i know chelsey and i also know that she couldnt live with that. Im afraid that if something like that happens she will try to take things into her own hands and maybe even take her own life. I love chelsey very much how to i get her to get tested she needs to understand that she has to do this not only for herself, but for jason and any other future partners.


Sent via Email July 13, 2006 from USA.
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