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Sobering stories

What sobering stories!

I visited a prostitute about four months ago. We engaged in oral, virginal and anal intercourse. To my drunken surprise she showed me that she had not put a condom on, but just the base ring. (she had her child taken from her by the social welfare dept and wanted a another?!!) I asked her if she had any diseases, and she assured me she did not. The surprise of the previous night turned into shock and apprehension the following day, once the numbing effect of the alcohol had worn off. Last Monday I gave a urine sample and blood for all the possible infections i.e. clamidia, hep a c, hiv etc. Last night the Doctor rang to tell me that my tests came back negative.


I have three young children, so I am relieved that I will be able to see them growing up without the personal shame I would of felt in carrying HIV/Aids. I am sure if I was diagnosed positive, I would have learnt how to live with it with a good attitude. (I know there is still a chance I may have it, given it has only been 4 months - and I will have another test in due course).

I am separated, and my wife told me last Sunday, that she realises that we probably will be unable to reconcile, but that she wants us to engage in Saturday night sex. If I hadn't been through what I have recently been through, I probably would of found this idea appealing, but now, my attitude towards sex for gratification only, outside a loving relational commitment does not seem right. For me lust and alcohol are a bad combination, and I pray that eventually God will save me from my slavemaster of sin, through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ. This advice is for me and all readers - live soberly, and consider the consequences of your actions.


Sent via Email June 29, 2006 from New Zealand.

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