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My friend

I recently went to visit my most dearest and pecious friend. He told me that he had been diognosed HIV+ 3 weeks before. I have only known now for 6 days so I still feel a dreadful sence of panic. I know that HIV does not mean an instant death sentance and I know about all the positive treatments that are avilable now and reading all the positive stories on this site is all good. However I can't help but feel hopeless as I still feel like I should be putting a bandaid somewhere or I should be doing something.... anything!!!! I am not just concerned for my friends physical well being it's his psycological well being that frightens me. He has to face his partner and not only tell him of his infadelity but the concequence of that act. There is no way his partner can be infected however I can only imagine how heart breaking this will be for both of them. My sadness is huge all I want to do is cry but only because I need answers in how best to support my wonderful friend. I need to not only know the very best I need to also know the very worst so that I may be prepared for what ever needs to faced before we face it. I can get all the medical facts I need from many places what I need is to hear from people who are HIV+ or have Aids and their support people and share what they have experienced and what has been the best support for them all. The lump in my heart is choking me . I just want to be able to help my friend in the best way possible.



Sent via Email July 26, 2006 from Australia.

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