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Risky situations

Hello everyone! You can call me GG and I am 25 years old. Here is my story: About 3&1/2 years ago i went to visit my family in Los Angeles, CA. I stayed at my aunts house when one of our family friends had come over to hang out. She (the family friend) was a very cool person and i knew that she was HIV positive but it didn't ever affect the way i thought of her. My last night there she had asked me if I ever did any drugs and I said "not really" and she said she had some cocaine with her. She then asked me if I wanted some. I thought about it for a long time and finaly said "yes, I do want some". She was using a clear straw to snort it and without me thinking I went ahead and used it too. She was slightly bleeding (i had noticed!) through her nostril because of the cocaine and she was blowing her nose a lot. Now, when I was sobering up, I went to the restroom where we both had been doing cocaine and I went to blow my nose too and I had seen the paper that she had used earlier to blow her nose and it had blood. At that moment I said to myself " Oh my God, I used the same straw she did and back and forth!" I was freaking out and I never told her anything. I was thinking that was the reason I was going through this because it was my decision to do drugs. I was depressed for 3 months crying all the time. I had my little boy to think about. I told a few close friends and they were all shocked. I know they tried to make me feel good by saying "it will be OK" in an insecure voice. Finally I had my HIV test done three times!! and each time was negative!! I was SO relieved, I said to myself that I would never get into risky situations like that anymore! The doctor said I was lucky since she was bleeding and I was snorting that back in... I thank God for everything that I have and my kids still have me too!!

Sent via Email September 8, 2006 from USA.

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