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Help the younger generation

Hello, I am a young educated African American women , who has enjoyed all of the pleasures in life. I am currently a graduate student in my last year studiying health administration. I have spent alot of time over the last few years researching the effect of HIV/Aids on the socioeconomic structure of urban communities. I have found that the black community is much more ignorent to acceptance of those infected than other communities. I would like to commend this website for giving a voice to individuals who's words have become faint, and purposes in life have become questionable. I reach out to all of you to help the younger generation, and arm them with the knowledge, skills and thirst for life that will allow them to respect themselves enough to protect themselves, not just from HIV/Aids, but from drugs, crime, and the ignorence that leads to the inclusion of all of these things. Your lives will not be in vain , and just beause many of you will not be able to have children of your own, the world is filled with young bright minds that need direction and hope. i pray everyday that the lord will put an end to this epidemic, and that the face of Aids will change. We must protect our futures by educating our youths and love and guide them as God loves and guides us. You are all in my prayes. God Bless you. (H.E.T)

Sent via Email August 15, 2006 from Maryland, USA.
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