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Put things into perspective

Dear brothers and sisters

There is a pain in my heart. My dearest friends have betrayed me; my father does not love me. It hurts my soul. I cry in anguish. Yet you all, those who have AIDS/HIV still have more hope than I, because though I am well, all those i hold dear have turned from .People shun me, laugh at me. Not even my own friends accept me or acknowledge me, how much more so for those who do not know me!


But you have hope: the world does not hate you; your friends have not betrayed you; your father still loves you. And your girlfriend, your darling friend, is still beside you.


There are things worse than AIDS, there are things worse than dying - something which is really inevitable. But how about living alone, without a forlorn hope, how about everything you hold sweet and dear to you turning into gall??? I have only one chance of loving and being loved in this life and have done very little of both. If you have done both you are living a joyous life, I envy you. Aids is just an anoying itch in the background.


What is the point of living if you haven't loved your fellow brother? What are you going to do with your billions in your bank account? Your Melbourne Uni Law degree? That Macquarie bank internship, your ticket to the millionaire's factor? This game, this life, is so meaningless, if we do not love. It restores that little joy in our hearts. It kindles the fire of my soul.

And for those who worry: What are you going to do if your son makes it to Yale? Becomes the president? Becomes a terrorist? Becomes a paedophile? What if he dies?? What if? THere are too many things to worry about so its easier just to chill; the worst ain't that bad. Say till you actually believe it. 100 times or over should do it.


Be thankful, brothers and sisters: put things into perspective. Then I guarantee you, it ain't that bad. There is, and will always be, someone worse off than you.



Sent via Email September 8, 2006 from Melbourne, Australia.

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