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It is real

I have been searching all the HIV websites the last few weeks. I have never been tested for HIV and I have been involved in some risky behaviors. I was an IV drug user for 3 years I am one year clean. I never shared needles cause I knew of the risks. I did have unprotected sex with 3 partners over a course of 3 years. Last time was 9 months ago, I went in to the DR for routine PaP and I came back positive with Gonorrhea. I was treated for that std but was fearing that I could have something eles. So I broke down to my paranoia and got tested for HIV. I had to wait a few days for the results. It was painful, I was losing sleep was constantly on edge. I was going thru my last years rethinking all of my poor decisions. I had recently lost a sibling to a drug overdose and I knew bad things happen to anyone. Noone is immune to getting this std. I know the chances are low for getting hiv in one time of unprotected sex but it can happen. I have made plans about things I will change in the future, even if I am positive. This whole experince has opened my eyes to the randomness of this virus. I got the call from my nurse today and the results are negative. I feel this huge weight off my chest, it was so easy for those results to of been diffrent. I avoid this fate which hurts so many. Just as drug usage only leads you to jail, debt, lonliness or death, unprotected sex can disrupt your life also. All I want to do is let people know that hiv happens to anyone. It is not a virus that just effects gays or people in Africa, it is real and could be lurking in your bed.

To everyone out there suffering with this virus-I hope and pray for a cure.


Sent via Email February 4 from USA.

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