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I am young lady of 28yrs I was tested for HIV in 2001. That time i wasn't sick. I didn't know that this was going to change my life. I could not believe it cause i did not have any symptoms. I was lucky because my mother supported me. I also knew the person who gave me the disease. Our relationship was already over by the time i was tested. My father succumbed to the disease

in 2002. This was a terrible moment in my life. In 2003 i had shingles on my face i was so stressed. I thought i was dying. I was lucky because the shingles/herpes didn't damage my skin.In 2004 i had a CD4 cell count and it was at 900. This Year i was tested again the Cd4 cell count was at 300. I was confused because i haven't suffered from any illness since the shingles. I have hope in my life and i know that i am going to live long. If you have people who love you it helps a lot even if i tell people that i am HIV+ they think i am lying because i am healthy. In October i am going to have a CD4 cell count test.


Sent via Email September 13, 2006 from the Zimbabwe,

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