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Now l am very positive

Well my story may seem rather weird but it is true. i am 21 and i am infected i found out two weeks ago and i couldnt believe it so i went for another test for the second time just to be sure. i was infected with a guy who is only 27 years of age. i will not disclose his name. i meet this dude on my way home from the office and i was really tired and he offered to take me
home. which in a way was a relief. we kept talking for a couple of weeks.somehow we just connected which was more than pleasant.


i fell in love with this phil (not real name). We dated and we even planned on getting married. With my tradition the groom has too meet your father's sisters. So i introduced him to two of them. He would speak to my mum over the phone. Everyone knew if i was out i would be with him. Then all hell broke lose. Early this year i went to see my sister in boarding school and some gal told me that my future hubby was married. This broke me into little pieces and i asked him and he denied everything. But still i was not satisfied cause there is no smoke without fire. i wanted to believe him but my heart said no. So i asked my aunty to come along with me. i went to his house and i saw his wife. A pretty young lady holding her beautiful baby girl. i was devasted i thought my life had come to an end. i went back home and i just could not believe he had lied to me. What wrong had i done? Was it because i loved him.

He also kept insisting that he wanted a child. He looked so healthy up to this very day he still does. Funny thing he still denies being married and he still wants to be with me, can you believe it. How can i be with a liar. How do i know he is telling the truth, if he could infect me and not tell me the truth.


I always go for my yearly check ups in September and i was due for one since last year. I came out positive and now i am all alone and destroyed by a person i gave my whole heart to. When i was told i cried and i prayed i believed it could be reversable but i was wrong. Now i am very positive. But now all i really want is someone who can really love me and appreciate me. i have always wanted to get married but i guess that is a tanished dream and i guess that will never ever happen. But i have learnt never to trust and love.

i do not believe all that love and trust exists cause if this guy did love me he would have protected me. i believe he is capable in shooting me died or stubbing. so how can i trust any man again after all this and as young as i am.


Sent via Email September 13, 2006 from the Zimbabwe,

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