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Not taking meds

hi am a 51 yers old and am gay and have a 56 yer old gay partnar of who is hiv. We found this out 1 yeqr ago he wont lisen to me or the gum clinic (sorry bad speller), he seems fit and well but refuses to take meducation.
We love each outhar l've known him for 3 years now the problume is hes married and dosent want his wife or his familey to know about the hiv we still have sex and in a opean relationship. Thats what makes our relationship work for us is haveing difrent partnars.


The thing is an scerd of loseing him. Evary time i see him am wudering whean will it take him down is he ill and not telling me. ve tryed evarything to get him to take the medacation but he wont.

Its makeing my life hell all i can do is be they for him and love him till the end but want to do more for him. Our sex life hasnt changed and i wont let it. Whean we both have outhars its safe sex with just me and him its unsafe sex.
Yes i know the risk s if i get it am not bothard ill take my meds its my love am more conserd ovar. I just wish evary day that he wuled see sence and take his meds his last cd4 is 197. He wont go to clink any more now i cant sit and watch him die for his stubiness.

Sent via Email September 11, 2006 from United Kingdom,

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