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Getting tested

I am a 20 year old female. I usually get tested for HIV and STD's three times a year, and everything has come back negative. I've had 9 sexual partners in my life, and most of them I used condoms with or we were tested together. Recently, I started to date a 45 year old male that I really care about. We have fun together and go to all these really great places, and life seems perfect, but as of recently I am facing reality. We started off using condoms and then he insisted on not using them. I knew that this was a bad idea and that we should get tested, but I did it anyways. He is the type of male who feels as if he is not sick and that there is no way that he has had an STD or HIV. However, I should of kept in mind how I met him (visiting the strip club that I worked at). He always ensured me that he was going to get tested so we will both know about each other. A month and three episodes of unprotected sex later, I fear that I have an STD, and most importantly, that I am at risk for having HIV. What makes this even worse is that he has been sick all the time lately. I am fairly unaware of what he has done in his life. I am going to the doctor today to get checked out, and I am getting tested next week. And I will be sure to post the results. If I am blessed enough to have the tests turn out negative, I will be sure to use my mind the next time and make him get tested...and show me the paper, or we have to use condoms.

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Sent via Email September 14, 2006 from Iowa, USA,

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