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Real people

My wife and I were guests at a friends house in 1998. We have been to his house countless times to play cards alnight. But this time their were a few stangers.I have never been with a male before and here is what happened.
My wife to bed upstairs I stayed downstairs to play some cards everyone started to leave except this one person I got up to go to the bathroom and all I really remember is waking up nude and confused in 2000 I was tested HIV positive. I am currently doing some reasearch and would like to contact some of the authors to get their permission to use their personal stories. From where I live and the way I have keep my HIV a secret it is about time that I started to stand for the rest of us and let the world here our stories Please help me with this.All I really want to do is let the world know that we really are people with real feelings.

Sent via Email September 27, 2006 from USA.

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