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Be careful

For the past three weeks i had been going out of mind. I had all the symptoms of hiv or so i thought: a bad cold, swollen lymph nodes, genital warts, swollen tonsils. I was goin out of my mind. All i could think about for two weeks was how my life would have changed if I had this disease. I even contemplated killing myself. My classes suffered and i cried almost every night. Finally i worked up enough courage to go and get tested. Those were the longest two weeks of my life. I however, found out that i am negative. The feeling I had was unexplainable. I was so happy. i now appreciate everything and everyone i have in my life.


I urge everyone though to be very careful. Hiv/aids is real an no one really seems to notice how real it is until it hits home. Be careful who you have sex with. Remember you cant tell by looking. i was one of the lucky few who have escaped this disease.


For those who might be infected remember it is not the end. Life goes on and you should continue to live your life. With God's help u will make it through.


Sent via Email September 5, 2006 from USA.

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