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THINK twice

It all started when I was 24. To me I was young, free, had a good job, a car and all I wanted to do was have fun. I felt on top of the world. I would go out to the clubs with friends and spend money and have a darn good time. I knew about HIV and STD's but I always was careful. I was cautious and never had sex without a condom. Well one night on a saturday I went to a club alone. My mission was to find a nice man to meet not to have sex but to really get to know as a person. I met him. He was great. Kind, gentle, great job and a killer smile. He seemed in a way to good to be true. We went out about 4 times after that to dinner. We liked the same things. We enjoyed having fun. We liked our jobs. He never asked for sex. To be honest I made all the moves. Until on our 5th date He got closer to me and wanted to make love to me so he says. In the back of my mind I knew I was clean and safe because I did go to Doc and blood tests are negative. He started by kissing me and well you know he took off everything. He seemed shy about his private part so He cut off light. I did not think much of it. SO we proceded and we had unprotected sex. As we has sex I did feel uncomfortable but then I blew it off and enjoyed him. after that we saw each other one more time and again same situation and lights off. He called a day later and said he is going to visit his sister. Then I noticed about 5 days later a rash down there. I called him and asked him was he clean he said yes. I have no other way to contact him but through cell phone. I dont know where he lives he never told me just showed me some apartments but we only drove by them and He says he worked at this place but when I called no one by that name worked there. two weeks later I went to Doc and found out I had herpes. And 3 months later HIV. I was in shock. I have no idea where to find this man. He has left me in a deep depression. All my happy days are over. Please ladies THINK twice. THINK twice. please please please!!!!!!!! Life is to good to take for granted.


Sent via Email September 5, 2006 from Washingto DC, USA.

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