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A letter to god

Hey Guys,

Tonight i wrote a letter to God, asking for his forgiveness one more time. In the last 2 years i have been with 11 men, 7 of them unprotected. i had been tested negative after 5 of them but there is still two i am unsure of. I hate myself for the mistakes i have made, but like anything i cannot change them, i can only change myself for the future. this website has been such an inspiration to me and has made me realise that no matter what we are not alone. I hope and pray that i am negative because i love my family so much i cannot bear to disappoint them. my heart goes out to everyone who has expressed their feelings on this site, and everyone out there who is affected (either physically or emotionally) by this disease. If i test negative (which i am not optomistic about) i really want to use what i have learnt to help others. No body needs to feel the anxiety and stress related to believing they have hiv. I have completed an application to volunteer at my local aids council, i have realised just from research the stigma attached to the disease, and i think people with hiv/aids deserve love as well, and that what i want to do in the form of friendship. this experience has changed my life and i thankyou so much for your stories. God loves us all, we just need to love him back, and love ourselves.

thankyou - praying to be negative


Sent via Email November 1, 2006 from Australia.

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