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Advice to teens

My name is Anna and im only 16 years old. i have been livng with genital herpes since i was about 12 or 13. i dont know who i got it from, where, how, or when. Iv never told anyone about it and i think its because im afraid of everyones action. Im so scared and feel like my life is just flushed down the drain forever. i always thought that i would never be able to have children until i read some info on the internet. i have a boyfriend and he always gets mad at me because i dont want to have sex, but thats because i dont want to infect him. I want to please him, but i dont think i could ever tell him about my disease. i think its because im afraid that he will leave me. I love him so much and dont know wat i would do without him. I always pray to god hoping my disease will go away but it never will. Because of the fact that no one knows i have this disease, i cant get help with the doctors and its really hard because i want to stop the pain but i cant do anything untill im 18 and a legal adult. My advice to all teens and young people haveing sex, IT CAN WAIT!!!!


i promise u that its better to wait rather than catch a disease and have to live with it the rest of ur life. sometimes i wonder if ill make it through life. i always think about suicide to get rid of the pain but theres always that one little angel on my shoulder telling me not to do it. stay clean and positive. make the right decisions. from my life and heart to yours.....


Sent via Email October 31, 2006 from USA.

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