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A condom saved my life

A man I once slept with was diagnosed HIV positive.

He was a very good looking man from Bulgaria, worked at our swimming pool to send money back to Bulgaria. We spent a lot of time together, I use to bring him lunch and talk about our families. He had a girlfriend in Bulgaria and was considering marriage.


He also told me about very sexy Ukranian women he "met" in Istanbul.

One summer night, we slept together. I always use a condom.

After that incident, we decided that it was not right and we would just remain friends. He returned to Bulgaria at the end of the summer.


I moved to another city, two years later my former neighbor was in town and called to see if I was available for lunch. At lunch the next day, he informed me that the Bulgarian came back to work the following summer and confided that he tested positive. After one year knowing his status, he still did not tell his girlfriend (fiancée) and even accused me of infecting him.

I have been tested several times since my encounter and donated my blood once, so I know I am negative and could not have infected him. I am not even angry that he accused me.


All I feel when I remember him is complete sadness. I thought about the horror of being told he was positive and knowing he probably gave it to the woman he loves. All of this......because he had unprotected anal sex with a Ukranian prostitute.

A condom saved my life that night.


Sent via Email October 28, 2006 from USA.

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