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A strong belief

My name is Kristina. I have a strong belief in God and I think that at times like these it would be bad to loose your faith. I feel that people oftenly give up on God when they feel that there is nothing else they can do. When they feel there is nowhere else they can go. It is just a natural human thing, to blame someone or something. But when you really look at your life there is no one to blame. When you have something like HIV/AIDS it is not something to think of as a thing to end life over. Everybody has there end in life, and at times like these anything is possible. There may one day be a cure for HIV/AIDS, and until then nobody wants to believe in God anymore. A person is to blame for there own illnesses from something as simple as the common cold to something like HIV/AIDS. It is basically something that you sometimes allow to happen. You hear for all these years about HIV/AIDS, Herpes, etc but yet people just don't care. They have this I DONT CARE, ITS NOT GONNA HAPPEN TO ME state of mind. HIV/AIDS is real and this is reallity. The question really is what are you gonna do after you are affected? God gives everybody there own free will to do what ever they want. It doesnt mean what people do is always right. Some people will suffer consequences from there actions, but now you can learn from your mistake and save someone else's life. Don't look at your disease as something like a curse. Instead use your disease as a guide to help others,and save millions of lives around the whole world. If you remember that everything happens for a reason, nothing can beat you not even HIV/AIDS. So keep your faith and hopes alive for you family and friends. Not everybody in the world will love you, but many people will always respect you. Remember there is no such thing a safe sex but only safer sex. God Bless you forever and always.


Sent via Email October 24 2006 from New York, USA.

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