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What should l do?

Ever since the age of 13 i known something was wrong with my mom. i never knew what it was. I had an internship in project AIDS. i use to do research on the pills my mom took. i wanted to know what was wrong. two years later i went to an appointment with her and by mistake the doctor asked her in front of me how was her hiv virus..i was shocked and imediatly i was asked to leave the room. when my mom was done i pretended like i had not heard anything the doctor had said.for years i knew what she had but we would never talk about it. i knew she thought i would probably not love her anymore, because of her condition. it's been so hard for me to deal with this.it's very depressing and stressful to be seeing her in the hospital and knowing that very soon i will lose her forever. i just always ask myself why her? why me?..i'm now almost 21 yrs old and we still don't talk about her condition..i know time is running out and i don't know how to approach her. what should i do?


Sent via Email August 26, 2006 from USA.

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