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The symptoms

Well first of all i am 23 yr old female! i just want to tell everyone who is afraid to get tested not to be!
i just came back from the doctor...negative was the result! you have no idea how much i suffered before that though! thats my reason of writing today to try and help others!

this page is actually the one that pushed me to get the hiv test done! let me start by saying that i had every single symptom you can think of, from headaches to thrush! i was so depressed, my life was terrible... i would not wanna do nething i was so sure i had HIV. well to my surprise when i got my results i was completely healthy! Please dont let these symptoms fool you because sometimes it s all in the head! In my case it was all stress that was causing my breakouts my stomach aches, headaches, rashes...cause i thought i had that too! What i thought was thrush was just my tounge a litlle pale from a minor bacteria in my stomach! the coughing and the colds were just from weather changes!

GO get tested...there s nothing worse than living with that fear! I hope my story works for some and please if you have any questions dont be afraid to ask..i really wanna help!


Sent via Email November 23, 2006 from Chicago, America.

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