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HI my name isnt very imporant but im going to tell you my story.
im 15 right now and i was found HIV postive it all started when i was my frist time have sex i was very in love with this guy name antoino my parents didnt like him very much but i loved him my mom was aginest us daten so i left with him i was still a vigrin when i met him but one night wheni moved in his house it was just me and him and he stared kissing me and i kissed him back he told me he loved me very much and he wanted me to be his gurl so and me will as i was in love with him i gave him my virgined and well we had sex that night it was unprocted and well we dated for 1 year and he was very nice for like 4 monthes one day wen i got realy sick i had a very bad fever i went to the doctor and they found out i was hiv postive i told antoino and he kicked me out of his house and well i told my mom she cryed and i cryed thats my story rite now im leavein at my moms house... so dont have unprocted sex even tho you love the person.


Sent via Email November 29, 2006 from New York, USA.

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