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The waiting

Hello, my name is Hal and im a 22, im a gay man and i had a BF of 4 years and we did some unsafe sex a couple of times.and we broke up and i got some other unsafe encounters.it was like, thats how everything got into a big turn, recently i have been having these unnatural symptoms on my body thats not usually happening before, and i was so scared that its HIV for sure, i dont want to get tested cos maybe its the fear of knowing.


But i couldnt live in fear so i got tested, and the days i have to wait for the result was purely devastating, there comes the paranoid, i cant sleep, i cant eat i loose a tremendous amount of weight just by waiting for the result. I have never been so scared in my life.


Anyways uhmm i got the result after three days and its nonreactive, i cried for i dont know what reasons, maybe relieved or maybe cos i played my life so much its a bit shocking to me! but all in all a good thing that i got tested, Im not in the situation guessing and trying to figure out if this is a symptom or not, and believing word's of the mouth than the actual test! so to other's who are scared to get tested please do so instead of living in lie and uncertainty.


Now ive learned my lesson! to the people who turn out negative i hope this will serve as a warning to all of us that the virus is there and its real and we should really be careful always, that 30 minutes of pleasure might come with a big price! and to the people who turn out positive.."cast your burden to god cos he always listen and everything will fine" live your life, we only got one life, make it a happy one!


Sent via Email December 5, 2006 from Phillipines.

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