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In 1998 , I went for a pregnancy test and I was 9 weeks pregnant, and found out that I was Hiv+. Staying on the meds was hard to do because I hated pills and drugs. I slipped and did not use a condom and to make it so bad.. I had cheated on my ex. Now the date isDecember 10th, 2006 and I am living well with Aids. The baby is now 8 and she is undetectable.:) The father whom I cheated on well , turns out, he was the one who gave it to me. It passed our first baby and that was a blessing. We were married for 5 years until he no longer supported me emotionally and he didn't want to go to a clinic to get medicine. So, I met another guy and we were married 8 months after we met. Why? well I was upfront with him because I was in love with him and after I told him- he asked me to marry him. And this March will be 2 years. We use protection all of the time. I was scared for my life but the longer I live..the more I except it, and you really do need a good support person and a good doctor. I'n not outspoken about it because it hurt me once..really bad but now I'm upfront to my daughter about her status so that she can grow with it as well as I have. When I used to think negative thoughts about telling her...there was a thought in my mind as to how she wmight react as a teenager.So I figured now is the time. Thank you for letting me share my story!


Sent via Email December 11, 2006 from Deleware, USA.

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