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Hello all you brave people out there i just want to share my story with you all about my hiv scare. It all started when i was 13 years old i was into boys lots and had unpretected sex with alot of them. Then came this one time where me and a guy slept together unsafley. After that we tried to date for a while and he had to go back out of town so we broke up. and there were roomers of him having hiv it scared me so badly and these were kids saying i had hiv from this guy.


Anyway i started to get bad anxiety from these roomers thinking o gosh maybe i do have it i was looking in the mirrors checking my self for symphtoms of it for 3 years of my life worrying everyday thats 3 years after i heard these roomers and i would not get tested couse i was terrified. Reading online about the symphtoms made everything worse then i started to get lymph nodes swollen on my neck about 4 little ones. and little red marks on my body here and there. Then i met another man and got married and pregnant from him and was seeing a midwife she offered the test but i refused for a while then they set me up with a family doctor and i thought what the hell i may as well get tested for hiv so this thought can lay to rest so i did i got a lab slip and got blood taken the same day and had to wait 2 weeks for the results it was the most scary days of my life waiting then i got a phone call and went in and she said your hiv negitive i was so happy. Turns out that i dont get sick at all so my lymph node glands swell due to traping all cold and flue viruses and any others that may get in my body from being around people and stay like that for a while plus i have a lock jaw problem that is pretty bad


So i just want to say to you wunderful people out there dont be afriad of getting tested i waisted 3 years of my life worrying about whats others were saying. some people are mean like that there just roomers get tested its the only way of knowing o and the red pimples i got here and there are just skin alergies to some clothes i wear good luck to you all i hope this helps love you all have a good night


Sent via Email December 11, 2006 from Thunder Bay, ONT.

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